Wednesday, November 26, 2008

You Had To Expect This...

I meant to get to this entry sooner, but I got busy.  But now, as I wait for my pies to bake, I finally have time to comment on this:  TWILIGHT is now in theaters!!!!!  I went to see this opening night and it was awesome!  Obviously they couldn't fit the whole book into a 2 hour movie, so there were some great scenes cut out, but I loved it!  There was just one thing I was upset about...THEY COMPLETELY RUINED THE SPARKLY SCENE!!!  Ok, I'm over it.  I just thought I would share my opinion with y'all.  It was totally worth the hour and a half of waiting in line outside in the cold to see.  And yes, I had purchased my ticket the week before. 

I wasn't sure about their choice of actors for Edward.  I mean how can Cedric Diggory be considered a perfect male specimen?  But after seeing the movie, I think he did really well...and I formed a little bit of a crush:

Anyway, it was good and I recommend it to anyone looking for a good show...

Oh, and I just found this hilarious spoof of the trailer, check it out

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